Message From the Head of School


Brown School began in 1893 when Nellie Brown decided that she could create a utopian environment for young children to have their first school experiences.

We continue that determination, with an expert and experienced faculty working with small groups of students in an atmosphere of acceptance, experimentation, and joy in discovery of the wonders of the universe.  Teachers at Brown School exemplify the qualities we prize in our students: they are eager learners, active citizens and effective communicators of knowledge and feeling. Brown School families find themselves deeply involved in the life of the school community and in the education of their children:  partnerships between parents and teachers often result in life-long friendships in support of the strivings of our students and graduates.  The best education acknowledges the developmental pace of students while challenging them to embrace new understandings of the intellectual and physical world and of each other.  Brown School is alive with the possibilities of its students and dedicated to maintaining an atmosphere in which they can become their best.   It is impossible to appreciate the energy of Brown School without experiencing it yourself: come to visit!  Our students will show you what school can be.

Patti Vitale