IGNITE, standing for Individualized Goals Nurtured in a Team Environment, embodies the Brown School Difference through its mission statement:

The IGNITE Program seeks to complement and extend the Brown School Mission Statement by providing evidence-based, diversified instruction to students at the Brown School. Students shall benefit from individualized learning goals and classroom instruction to further improve academic, social-emotional, visual and musical, and wellness strengths while allowing students to confidently explore opportunities for development in a nurturing, team-based environment.

The IGNITE Program demonstrates Brown School’s commitment to individualized education of the entire child. Brown School students directly benefit from the IGNITE program through hands-on interaction with educational professionals, integrated and differentiated instruction, and student advocacy. Examples of services within the scope of the IGNITE program include:

Individualized IGNITE Learning Plans

Students, families, and educators collaborate to create each student’s IGNITE Plan, which documents meaningful and obtainable individualized learning goals. To honor the Brown School’s commitment to educating the whole child in a team-based environment, IGNITE Plans mindfully encourage talent development and development opportunities across academic, social, artistic, and wellness domains.

Classroom-Based Small-Group and Individual instruction

IGNITE works weekly in K-8 classrooms to provide in-lesson differentiation. Through collaborative co-teaching and small-group sessions, Brown School is able to accommodate students’ unique learning styles and learning rate in even smaller groups than those Brown School is known for. Additionally, some Brown School students are identified for small-group instruction outside of the classroom, which includes reading groups, homework help, and tutoring.

Upper School Office Hours

IGNITE has an open-door policy with students, who are encouraged to bring schoolwork and projects to the IGNITE office during weekly Office Hours. In these sessions, students can seek individualized support to pursue activities inside and outside of the classroom, including independent study projects, learning-style assessments, homework help, and project brainstorming. Office Hours are meant to provide a resource to students, as well as to develop students’ academic passions and self-advocacy skills. Instilling an appreciation for Office Hours is a vital skill for students’ future success in college.

Student Advocacy and Case Management

Through IGNITE, each Brown School student has an academic professional overseeing their educational plan for the entirety of a students’ tenure at Brown, ensuring that student’s unique needs are met with continuity. Additionally, the IGNITE Program advocates for students weekly through collaborative, contextualized problem solving with teachers to create and implement best-practice classroom-based modifications. This results in a truly individualized educational experience for students participating in a relevant and rigorous academic program.

For students whose educational outcomes cannot entirely be met through classroom-based support, IGNITE provides families with screenings, pre-referral testing, counseling, and referrals to community and district resources.  Once these resources are in place, IGNITE oversees the implementation of recommended services and modifications within the classroom environment.