The MindUP Approach

Students at Brown have an added advantage: the MindUP approach to learning. MindUp is a classroom-tested, evidence-based program that fosters social and emotional awareness, enhances psychological wellbeing, and promotes academic success. MindUP empowers children to discover how their learning is influenced by their own thoughts, emotions, and actions. As students gain an expanded understanding of how their brains work and experience practices for self-awareness, they naturally begin to contribute to their own personal and academic achievement—and that of their classmates.

Brown School students have enjoyed a curriculum that emphasizes social and emotional learning as well as high academic standards for over eight years, to tremendous results. Our students are recognized not merely for their impressive scholarly work, but for their emotional intelligence. Brown School students are communicators, critical thinkers, and compassionate community members. Through consistent, daily implementation of the MindUP core practice, students learn to self-regulate and to hone their focused attention skills. Research shows that the practice of mindful breathing during the school day increases a student’s executive functioning and contributes to overall health and wellbeing.

For decades, schools have targeted academic achievement with little regard to the emotional health and wellbeing of their students. MindUP recognizes that a child’s social and emotional awareness is a crucial factor in academic success. In fact, studies conducted on the effectiveness of Social and Emotional Learning programs have found that the level of student achievement in grade eight is more accurately predicted based on that student’s social competence in grade three than his academic performance.

At Brown School we educate the whole child. By infusing our curriculum with the MindUP approach, we provide children with the social and emotional skills they need to lead smarter, healthier and happier lives.