The Library program aims to prepare students for the educational demands they will face when they leave Brown School. Thus, the Brown School Library provides materials, resources and instruction to enable students to successfully locate, evaluate and process information. In addition, the space provides collections to promote recreational reading and foster a lifelong love of literature and learning.

The Library and Media Center at Brown School serves all members of the Brown School family and all are welcome to use its resources. Using the BOCES Online Catalog, students, faculty and families are able to search the holdings of 163 school libraries in the Capital region and borrow from these facilities, either for research materials or leisure reading. The addresses and passwords for all online library resources are included in the Parent Page of the Brown School website.

Students are first exposed to the Library program in Nursery through stories and book selection. At all grade levels, students select reading material based on their interests and learn research skills that are integrated with classroom curriculum.

Here are grade level recommended reading lists from Brown School teachers.

Beginning Readers

Intermediate Readers

Picture Books

fifth grade reading list

sixth grade reading list

eighth grade reading list

Library Automation Catalog