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Brown School’s commitment to excellence challenges young people, parents, and educators to test their abilities and realize their fullest potential.

We encourage young people to:

  • Construct meaning and discover significance in what they study;
  • Acquire and master a broad range of cognitive, social, emotional, and practical academic skills that are embedded and practiced in the classes they take;
  • Learn through a variety of pedagogical approaches and individualized instruction;
  • Collaborate with peers, teachers, and mentors in challenging undertakings to ensure that learning is a social as well as intellectual activity;
  • Practice the purposeful use of computer technology and digital communications in learning;
  • Reflect on the learning process at increasingly higher levels of complexity.

Real learning is participatory and experiential, not just didactic. At Brown School, what children learn and experience changes the way children live, not just how they talk. Our challenge is to enhance students’ capacity to think effectively, act rightly in the world, and mature as human beings.

About Brown School

The Brown School community is strong and supportive, and we believe that our students deserve not only an academic education but also a place to enjoy traditions and experiences that they cherish for years to come. Our faculty and administration are committed to mindfully educating each individual student in a nurturing and collaborative environment.

Our School Day

Our school song states that “Brown School is joy, friendship, and laughter. Memories dear, now and long after. Working each day, growing together. Brown School is learning and love.” Even though we have modernized our teaching and offerings, these words hold true even decades after they were written.

Beyond the School Day

Brown School students of all ages have a plethora of options available after the school day is over. Whether it is partaking in the after school or Plus programs that offer a purposeful place for students while parents are working, exploring new interests or established hobbies, or getting together beyond the walls of our school, our Brown School community is strong.

Prospective Parents

We know that you are looking for just the right spot for your child, and we want to partner with you in that process. It is hard to get a sense of the community and daily routines of Brown School online, and we encourage you to schedule a visit or join us at one of our Open Houses.

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Current Families

There are so many things happening in our school community each day, and we value your partnership in making amazing things happen. These links will help Brown School students and families stay connected to keep our community strong!

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