Preschool for 4-year-olds

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Curricular disciplines all blend in preschool, as children participate in a variety of play and work experiences.  Math, language arts, science, art and social studies are integrated thoughtfully with planning as well as direct teaching.

Social-Emotional Learning

Children’s social and emotional development and growth are the foundation of the preschool program. Through the guidance of teachers, children are encouraged to work and play cooperative, follow classroom rules and routines and become productive members of a group. An important element of the social and emotional process involves developing and experiencing positive relationships with peers and adults, The goal is for each child to develop a healthy self esteem and feel comfortable in expressing needs and feelings.

Language Arts

This domain organizes the language and literacy skills needed to understand and convey meaning into many components: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Children acquire the skills in these domains through extensive experiences with spoken language, print and literature in a variety of contexts.

Library Arts

  • Scholastic Magazine
  • Handwriting without Tears
  • Sounds in Motion
  • Phonological Awareness (for example: rhyme, sentence segmentional, syllable segmentation, compound words)


The focus in this domain is on the children’s approach to mathematical thinking and problem solving. We help children acquire and use strategies to perceive and understand mathematical problems. We focus on patterns and relationships.


This domain addresses the process of investigation through hands-on experiences. The science skills learned focus on observing, communicating, classifying, reasoning, measuring, inferring and predicting. We want our children to view themselves with a sense of pride as they learn to think and work like scientists. Areas of study include:

  • Scientific thinking
  • Living things (human, animal, plant)
  • Earth and Space (weather, taking care of the earth)
  • Physical Properties (Magnetism, scientific tools, air, water, light)

Social Studies

The curriculum for social studies is focused on the world through the eyes of the young child. Themes in this discipline include friendship, family and community. Developing social awareness is a key component of the group curriculum. Through play, literature, art projects and daily interactions, children are exposed to ideas that help them better understand the world.  Areas of study include:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Civics, Citizenship, Government
  • Economics
  • Career Development

Learning through Blocks

Our Block Room is a special part of our school. When children build together and problem solve together, they form a community in meaningful and satisfying ways. Block building offers children an opportunity to concretely represent and construct the world as they experience it. Our teachers use established techniques for setting up and maximizing this special room with an eye toward teaching and learning across domains including social studies, literacy, science and math.