Upper School (5th-7th grades)

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Starting in the fifth grade, students have a different teacher for each class.  Students are encouraged to take more responsibility for their own learning. They are given time each day (WITs End – include link back to description) to start their homework or meet with a teacher to receive extra help. Students are taught organizational techniques and the importance of planning larger projects over several days.  


In addition to traditional subjects, students participate in rotations based on their own academic needs.  Some students will receive extra help during rotations, others will receive enrichment. Examples of rotations include book club, “excel at EXCEL,” STEM, and origami.  

Constellation Learning

Students may also take online electives through Constellation Learning — past offerings have included, Sign Language, French, Chinese, Video Game Design, and Coding.  Students are supported by Brown School faculty while they are working on the courses at school and most courses also have live video conferences between the students and the teachers.