“When I think of Brown School, the first things that come into my mind are the familiar faces of the friendly teachers and my friends beaming at me. My time at Brown has lasted for eleven years. Each passing year has brought fonder memories and more lively challenges. But each passing treasure was so blissfully unaware that it might not last. Hoping I could also remain unaware of this, I turned a blind eye to the fact that my time at Brown was steadily diminishing.

The year my brother Michael graduated from Brown, I looked up at him on this stage and said to myself, “This will be me in three years.” To fifth grade me, three years seemed like an eternity. However, three years somehow slipped through my fingers like rushing water of the rapids. Now being here, graduating, I am able to look back on my years at Brown. Let us not ask, “Where did the time go?” because each one of us knows exactly where it went: to memorable experiences and friends that won’t leave our side…”

– Larissa V.

Class of 2013

Congratulations to the Class of 2013!