Creative Music Educator Organizes Outdoor Music “Informances”

Oct 22, 2021

The Ongoing Pandemic Prevents Brown School from Hosting Inside Performances, but Creative Music Educator Organizes Outdoor Music “Informances”

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — Even though the ongoing pandemic has prevented Brown School from hosting indoor music performances, their music educator developed an out-of-the box outdoor solution so that students can enjoy music-making with family members and friends.

This Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, student musicians will participate in brief outdoor “informances” at the end of the school day. The unique format invites audience members to observe and even participate in music class activities as opposed to being a spectator for a highly polished performance.

Hannah Dick loves developing creative ways to share music with others. In addition to her role as music educator at Brown School, she is an incredibly accomplished percussionist. “’Informances’ are a concept developed in the Orff-Schulwerk music education community. As the name implies, ‘informances’ are both informal and informative: an opportunity to demystify, celebrate, and share music-making as it happens daily in our classroom. Informances provide a chance for students to share music in a low-pressure environment while families experience a ‘behind-the-scenes’ view of the process of musical development. They are a win-win educational opportunity,’ she said.

Students at the school are excited about this fun and festive opportunity to share music with others.