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The school day begins at 8:05 AM and ends at 2:55 PM., with supervised extensions from 7:15 AM to 8:05 AM and from 2:55 PM to 6:00 PM.

Bus Transportation

Per the policy of the student’s home school district:

  • Transportation arrangements for each school year are made with the child’s home school district, beginning with kindergarten. 
  • Parents must submit a written request to their local district by April 1 of the preceding year. 
  • Forms are available online through your school district. 
  • Districts arrange for independent school transportation separate from public school transportation. 
  • Children may not ride a school bus from districts other than their own. 
  • Kindergarten children must be met at the bus. 

Any concerns should be discussed directly with the school district. Brown School, however, should be considered a partner in the safe transportation of your child.

Please discuss an emergency plan with your child in the event that he/she should arrive home in your absence.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off 

Pick up | Family parks in school lot, enters school, and signs child out from café.

Curbside | Family waits in queue outside of café entrance and child is brought to your car.

Late pick-up | Family arrives after 3:10 and proceeds to office to pick child up from Extended Day Program.

Your child’s teacher and the main office must be advised of any persons, other than yourself, who may pick up your child. We do not release children to anyone without authorization and proper identification. 

If your child is normally picked up, but remains at school after 2:55 PM, he or she will go to the Extended Day Program and a charge at the drop-in rate will be reflected on your monthly statement. The Main Office must be notified if your child’s usual dismissal procedure changes. We cannot accept a child’s word for changes in routine.

With the exception of preschool children, if you drop off your child in the morning, please enter through the cafeteria door located off the main parking lot between 7:45 and 8:05 a.m and proceed directly to the cafeteria, where Brown School staff will supervise the children until their teachers arrive at 8:05 for Morning Meeting. We request that children and their parents not go to classrooms, cubbies or lockers in the morning. 

Preschool children arriving before 8:00 a.m. are to be taken to the Community Room. Students arriving before 7:45 a.m. and not enrolled in Plus will be billed the daily drop-in fee.

Students who enter the school building after 8:05 a.m. must enter through the back door (Marriott Street side of campus) and obtain a late pass in the Main Office. Children will then proceed to their classrooms.

School closing, delay or early closure

In the event of a snow emergency, the Head of School, or Assistant Head as necessary, determines if classes are to be canceled or delayed. 

  • This decision does not depend on the closure of any one or two school districts, and is based upon many factors.

Once a decision is made, the Head of School initiates closing procedures, informing radio and television stations in a timely fashion.

Vital information about the status of Brown School on any given day may be e-mailed, found on our website, or through the Rapid Notify system.

The Plus program remains open unless weather conditions make it hazardous for our staff to drive to campus. The status of Plus will be posted on the school website along with other news regarding the closing.

If Brown School is delayed, students should report to school by the indicated time (usually by 10:00 AM). 

  • Plus may remain open, but parents should monitor their e-mail/the news for information. 
  • If Plus is cancelled, parents are not permitted to drop their children off until 10:00 AM.

Please check with your home school district for altered bus schedules. 

  • Your district bus may run late or not run at all, but that does not necessarily influence if and when Brown School is open. 
  • If your school district is closed, their buses will not transport children to Brown. 

Your school district may send their bus prior to our usual dismissal time. 

  • We will notify parents if this should occur. 
  • We will not put a child on an early bus without notifying a parent or guardian. 
  • If your child misses his or her early bus, you are responsible for picking up your child from school.

About Brown School

The Brown School community is strong and supportive, and we believe that our students deserve not only an academic education but also a place to enjoy traditions and experiences that they cherish for years to come. Our faculty and administration are committed to mindfully educating each individual student in a nurturing and collaborative environment.

Our School Day

Our school song states that “Brown School is joy, friendship, and laughter. Memories dear, now and long after. Working each day, growing together. Brown School is learning and love.” Even though we have modernized our teaching and offerings, these words hold true even decades after they were written.

Beyond the School Day

Brown School students of all ages have a plethora of options available after the school day is over. Whether it is partaking in the after school or Plus programs that offer a purposeful place for students while parents are working, exploring new interests or established hobbies, or getting together beyond the walls of our school, our Brown School community is strong.

Prospective Parents

We know that you are looking for just the right spot for your child, and we want to partner with you in that process. It is hard to get a sense of the community and daily routines of Brown School online, and we encourage you to schedule a visit or join us at one of our Open Houses.

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Current Families

There are so many things happening in our school community each day, and we value your partnership in making amazing things happen. These links will help Brown School students and families stay connected to keep our community strong!

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