Why Parents Love Brown

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  • Full-time, on-site nurse
  • Full-time, on-site social worker
  • Individualized learning including the IGNITE Program
  • Social-emotional programs
  • Opportunities for physical activity every day, for every child – not just the youngest!
  • The arts are a priority in and out of school
  • The beautiful new library and the unique block room!
  • A community of caring
  • Hours that meet the needs of today’s busy families

What Parents Say about Brown

“The Brown School community is welcoming and accepting. Brown’s teachers are supportive, caring and truly know each student. Every student shines at Brown School.” – C. Bedard, parent

“Brown School instills in my children a sense of confidence and self-assuredness that prepares them for higher learning and beyond. We are grateful for Brown School’s commitment to educating the “whole child” and for being partners with us in raising well-rounded and thoughtful children in today’s world.” – T. Versaci, parent

“Brown School’s academics are top notch. Brown’s IGNITE program allows my children to receive academic enrichment at levels beyond what is possible elsewhere. Brown School students are immersed in a well-rounded education, with all students acquiring proficiency in core subjects along with foreign language, sports, arts, and music.” C. Smitas, parent

Brown School has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars on Greatschools.org

From greatschools.org

…It’s the kind of school environment we all want for our kids. There is respect between all students and teachers…

…Your child will not get lost in the crowd or fade into the background. They will get focused attention…

…I can’t put a price on the value of my child being happy to go to school (sometimes not even wanting to come home!), not being bullied, having wonderful friends, and a genuine support system of teachers and staff who are always there for you. This is more like a family than a school….

…The IGNITE program is a unique program that helps each child to set individualized goals, both academic and social, and supports them in reaching their goals. It supports both children who need extra help by providing valuable resources, as well as those who want to excel in an area of interest, such as art, music or theatre…

…And while many private schools offer small class sizes and families who value education, we found that Brown School offered something that no one else did: a learning environment that truly educates the whole child, and teaches them to be confident and independent thinkers…

…There is an emphasis on character development which I really appreciate. The kids treat one another with kindness and respect. The focus is on matters of importance–academics, the environment, social responsibility–and not overly focused on pop culture. It has been a great fit for my daughter and well worth the money we pay…

..Brown School offers our children what few others in our region are able to do: the opportunity to grow into confident, independent and joyful learners…

…One of the most amazing things about Brown is the opportunity for children to feel at ease participating in diverse activities without being “judged,” or stereotyped. For example, this year my son quite happily joined the Science Bowl Team, starred in the School Musical, played in concert band, joined select strings and competed on the soccer and volleyball teams without being “pegged” as a “geek,” or a “jock.” I love that, at Brown, kids have the chance to explore their interests freely and to express their enthusiasm without fear of being teased or bullied…