IMG_4712Last Tuesday wasn’t just the last day of the school for Ms. Keil’s second grade students. It was also the day that this exceptionally enthusiastic class got to celebrate their title as winners of the Shoot for the Stars class giving contest.

The contest’s objective was to raise donor participation, i.e. the total number of donors who supported the school’s Annual Appeal. The emphasis was on the act of giving, not on the dollar amount. Every parent, grandparent, student, family member, staff or friend who had supported the Annual Appeal, at any time in the 2013-2014 and at any dollar level, was included—all 144 of them!

As for the contest winners, a total of 22 donors affiliated with the second graders made a gift—what an extraordinary show of support from a class of 12 students.

We want to thank everyone—all the classes, faculty, staff and families—who made this year’s Shoot for the Stars contest a blazing success.

Here are a few photos from the party.


Miss Frizzle from The Magic Schoolbus and Word Girl dropped in to congratulate the kids.


The kids were very surprised and eager to see who their “mystery guests” would be.


Word Girl, who hails from Planet Lexicon, had a few new words to share, words like, philanthropy and incredulous and exemplar. The kids learned that many words in our language come from Latin or Greek.


Ms. Keil and Mrs. Hoffman help with serving the snacks at the “breakfast party”.


Chatting and eating with friends.


Following on our theme of stars, we played a few exciting rounds of Astonomy Bingo with Miss Frizzle!


There’s nothing Miss Frizzle loves more than to talk science.


The second graders learned that their class is exemplary in their philanthropy—9 parents, 6 grandparents, 1 staff member and 6 students (who even gave their own funds!) made a contribution.

Well done, second grade! And thank you, again, to all. We’re already looking forward to next year!