illustrationFifteen Brown School students participated in the 2014 Olympics of Visual Arts in Saratoga Springs. This event is in its 32nd year and is sponsored by NYSATA, the New York State Art Teachers Association. There were over 850 people and 30 school districts in attendance including students, judges, professional artists, college professors, and art teachers.

Among Brown School’s entries were a orange collaged suit made entirely of paper and placed first in the super-competitive fashion category.

Brown School also had a creative sculpture piece made outof computer parts. The painting team created a large eagle based on the space phenomena of the “Horsehead Nebula.”

The illustration team placed second in their category by creating a large spinning multi-media piece based on a poem about caterpillars.

The architecture entry, based on a triumphal arch, placed third. The design team placed first by creating their own original font which was then carved out of rubber blocks and printed.

The day was filled with amazing artwork from all over New York State, including a walk-through interactive drawing tent (made by a Brown School Alum) and an oversized pop-art architectural piece. Congratulations to all, and we look forward to next year!