Wellness & Physical Education

The Brown School Wellness and Athletic Program is designed to fulfill the Brown School Mission with a focus on wellness, health, and fitness. Music and movement, combined with simple games and play, progress to drills and games to develop fundamental motor skills.

Brown School Wellness Educators provide these experiences with great sensitivity to the needs of the individual child; because individualization is at the heart of the Brown School Mission, Brown School students benefit from collaboration with IGNITE and Wellness educators to set their own health and wellness goals.

At Brown School, physical education and wellness classes are arranged in a way that considers a student’s developmental abilities. For Brown School Nursery and Prekindergarten students, our instructors collaborate through Musical Physical Education to address the development of auditory and motor skills. Brown School students in Kindergarten through 8th grade participate in physical education classes to develop the values inherent in teamwork, along with specific sports skills and strategies.