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The Brown School Media Center is an intellectual and social space that supports and complements the educational goals and objectives of our preschool through high school learning community. Through a fixed/flexible schedule, the library promotes reading and the development of independent library users in a welcoming environment.

Students, teachers and families are encouraged to browse, explore and use the library resources while receiving assistance in carrying out research-based activities for personal and/or educational purposes.

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Media Center happenings range from:

The goal is to develop lifelong readers who are effective users and producers of information.


Our teachers integrate technology into the curriculum for the purpose of enhancing learning opportunities. Our students are thus positioned to build a body of knowledge that is not confined within the walls of the classroom, but transcends the limitations of geographic location and the length of the school day.

New media systems and web-based technologies allow students to explore a problem or question from different perspectives. Students may actively investigate topics and themes along a path that is more consistent with their learning style.

By integrating new media into the core domains, teachers can tailor instruction to individual needs, intellectual and creative passions, and interests. In this way, students exercise more control over their learning, which better prepares them to succeed in school and meet various challenges they will encounter throughout life.

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