The Brown School 

Building Lifelong Success and Love of Learning

The Brown School approach to education has made a difference in the lives of its students and their families for over 130 years. We understand that success can mean something different to each student, which is why we tailor the path to help them reach their potential.

There is not one solution that leads to positive outcomes for our students, but a blend of the many tools we offer. A selection of the most common and impactful resources are listed below.

Teaching Mindful Listening to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Students often come to school with anxiety and stress due to personal and academic issues they may have. At Brown School, one way we combat this is through practicing mindful listening.

Stress is Year-Round and Affects Everyone, but Learning to Understand and Manage it is Key

Stress affects all of us, children and adults alike. Understanding that this is normal is the first step in learning how to manage the anxiety on the journey of healing.

Managing the Curveball with Cognitive Flexibility

In their formative years and as they grow, a child’s ability to manage a new situation depends on their level of cognitive flexibility. Teachers and parents can help this develop along the way.

Building Resiliency and Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals

Each year, it is important to reflect upon the lessons we learned from the past year and set S.M.A.R.T. goals for the year ahead. A tough year can teach resilience and influence the next year’s goals.

Assessing Students in the Age of COVID

COVID-19 presented many challenges for Brown School. Pandemic or no pandemic, assessing students has always been important in helping them succeed. But what success looks like and how we measure it changed because of COVID-19.

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