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Building life-long skills and friendships

Brown School offers a rich curriculum for our students and our classrooms are filled with creative and active learning. Our students learn skills in all areas of cognitive and social-emotional development, across an array of academic areas. We encourage our students to explore, discover and engage in the school’s plentiful, varied learning experience, whether they are pre-schoolers or graduating seniors.

Brown School Benefits

Small class sizes that allow for more focused and tailored instruction
An active learning environment that instills curiosity and engagement
A range of subject levels that provides suitable challenges for students
Opportunities to perform at or above grade level with the support of our IGNITE program
A partnership with SUNY Schenectady provides HS students with the opportunity to earn an associate degree while also earning their high school diploma. SUNY tuition, fees, and books are covered through the cost of attendance at Brown School.

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