Honoring Local Veterans

Honoring Local Veterans

Brown School will honor both local veterans and those currently serving in the armed forces during a special ceremony that will be held for special guests and families. Through the years it has become an incredibly memorable event as students sing and perform patriotic songs and speak with veterans.

Brown School works hard to prepare for this event that involves making veterans feel special and celebrated. The eighth graders will present several original compositions written to celebrate our country and veterans. There will also be musical selections including the National Anthem sung and service songs of the military branches. Plus, the honoring of John McKenna and the Blue Star Mothers.

McKenna lost his son, Captain John McKenna IV, when he was killed in the line of duty. Students will participate in a special flag folding ceremony and an emotional slide show that celebrates families with veterans will be shown.

“We are so excited to celebrate veterans through the arts. This has become a memorable Brown School tradition that pays tribute to those who have served. It’s beautiful assembly that teaches our students important life lessons that can be carried with them into the future,” said Head of School Patti Vitale.

Stephanie Sudduth is a new music teacher at Brown School and is working hard to prepare for the annual event. “We have a special song planned at the end of our ceremony all the students will sing together called, We Appreciate You!  We hope to honor our veterans, showing them how much we appreciate their service, and the service of men and women currently in the military at home and abroad.”

All photos were taken by Cassandra Abel and first appeared in an article in the Schenectady Gazette .You can see the original article here: November 10, 2023