Signing Up For Summer Camp - WTEN

Signing Up For Summer Camp - WTEN

News 10 spoke with our very own Amanda Keil about important considerations for parents looking for summer camp options for their kids.

Here are some useful topics and questions to consider as you look for a summer camp this year.

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Summer Camp Tips & Questions

1. Find out who the camp director is and the make up of the counselors.

-Are they high school students?

-What type of training do they receive?

-Do they have childcare experience?

2. Communication

-Who do you contact if a problem arises?

-How does the camp communicate with families?


-Parent App

-Email communication

3. Medical Concerns

-Is there a nurse on staff?

-Will your child be able to take their medications at camp

-What documentation is required

-What is the illness policy?

4. Ask for an overview of a typical camp day

-How often are children outside?

-What activities are they doing during the day?

-For outdoor camps, what do the children do in the case of severe weather?

5. Ask what plans the camp has in place for students who are having difficulties

-Children struggling to fit in

-Children with behavioral difficulties

-Children who are having trouble separating from their parents