Social-Emotional Learning

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Because social-emotional learning (SEL) is critical in improving children’s academic performance, it is a priority at Brown School.

Social-emotional learning is the process through which we learn to recognize and manage emotions, care about others, make good decisions, behave ethically and responsibly, develop positive relationships, and avoid negative behaviors. Developing these characteristics sets children up to be successful in school and in life.

Mindfulness Education

Brown School is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children by teaching them how to understand the ways their minds work and how their thoughts and feelings affect their behavior and attitudes.

Brown School, with the help of the Hawn Foundation, was the first in the nation to implement The MindUpTM program.

Incorporating attention training tools, also called mindfulness, has been shown to affect positive changes in social and emotional understanding, positive social behaviors, classroom participation, psychological adjustment, academic efficacy, and teacher-rated school performance.

Social-Emotional Wellness

A social worker is employed full time at Brown School to support the psychological and social well-being of all students, from preschool 3-year-olds through high school. Their work with students varies based on their needs. They help them to navigate peer relationships, manage behaviors, and develop appropriate coping skills to deal with big emotions. Our social worker engages with students individually, in small groups, lunch groups, or by pushing into the classroom to support the teachers

Buddy Program

Older students are partnered each year with students in the younger grades, creating wonderful opportunities for learning and mentorship and establishing cross-grade friendships that often last for years.