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Children have supervised recess outdoors every day unless there is rain or the temperature is below 20 degrees.

Other opportunities for physical activity during the day

Brown School students benefit from collaboration with IGNITE and Wellness educators to set their own health and wellness goals. Classes are arranged in a way that considers a student’s developmental abilities.

Physical education at Brown School is comprised of three programs: Wellness, Movement, and Physical Education.

Movement is a program for the Cubs and Bears. Movement class mixes Music and Physical Education activities into one class. Movement class meets 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Students develop gross motor skills while exploring locomotor and non-locomotor movements as well as concepts such as spatial awareness, timing, pathways, levels, shapes, and direction. Through movement stories, games and traditional and creative dancing, students have the opportunity to express their unique interpretation of ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Wellness is a program for the upper school that meets once each week. Students are given the choice between an in-season sport and a second activity such as yoga, fitness, or fitness walking.

Physical Education is a program for every Brown School student. Kindergarten, first and second grade classes have Physical Education every day for 30 minutes. Third, fourth and fifth grade classes meet three times per week. Classes are 45 minutes each. Middle school students meet twice a week for 45 minutes with an additional Wellness class on Fridays. High School students have Physical Education three times a week for 45 minutes. Students participate in various sports in addition to flexibility, strength, agility and speed building exercises. A Brown School favorite is the Pacer Test in which students strive to best their own personal speed.


We have a full time registered nurse at the school. She is available to assess and treat children who are not feeling well, or who have been injured. She also dispenses any medications that must be given during the school day.

Snack and Lunch

Mid-morning snack time offers a brief recess to all of our students. Students in kindergarten through eighth grades bring their own healthy morning snacks. Preschool children have a simple snack provided by the school.

Brown School is a “nut aware” school and we highly encourage all families to avoid snacks with nuts, as many children have severe nut allergies and may suffer serious consequences if exposed to them.

Students have lunch for 30 minutes each day in the cafeteria. The lunch program features healthy, kid-friendly foods, including sandwiches, pizza, soup and salad, and hot entrée options every day. The Brown School kitchen is nut-free.